Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Git for Sugar

One of the firsts walls or obstacles to enter Sugar development is learn our favourite control version system [git http://git-scm.com/], although somewhat counter-intuitive at the beginning, git is a very powerful tool, I wish there could be another way to have a collaborative way of development for kids, but we are not yet there.(could be other ways?)

For starters you would have to go to our web-ui git instance called [gitorious


you can clone

git clone git://git.sugarlabs.org/yourproject/mainline.git

or make a personal clone of a project of your election on the web-ui.

keep your project up-to-date with

git pull

you can also make a patch and sent it ot the developer

git format-patch HEAD^

Note: is preferable that you generate your patch from the root directory of your project.

if you want more visibility or reviews you can also send your patch to sugar-dev mail list.

git format-patch -s -1
git send-email --to maintainer --cc mailing-list filename
For example:

git send-email --to=sugar-devel@lists.sugarlabs.org 0001*.patch

as a maintainer you can apply patches, sent by others, in this case you have
a file called sugar_fixes.patch

git apply --stat sugar_fixes.patch
git apply --check sugar_fixes.patch
git apply --apply sugar_fixes.patch or git am --signoff

o make merge requests using gitorious ui.

Some commands may seem very hard, but it's a matter of practice, and the combination of command line interface and gitorious ui, could be very practical both for development in terms of code maintain and for coordinated and collaborative development between various people.



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