Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Developing Sugar inside Sugar

I've always aproached the problem of developing in sugar but working on non-native sugar solutions for example virtualization, sugar-jhbuild [1], but never imagined to approach the problem using a native installed sugar laptop like the xo of OLPC, as it's natural one must think that having sugar installed the laptop has all the necesary tools to develop, this was almost truth for me.

bundlebuilder it's the part of sugar that manipulates .xo bundles (.zip files for activities)
and it needs git that it is not installed by default.

so all you have to do is:

yum install git

then vi [2]. (installed by default on the XO). Emacs or another editor and possibly in a near future an activity like develop [3] (still unfinished)
or similar allowing to have a python-IDE inside sugar


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Anonymous said...

Actually I never understand people who think about sugar as a an OS or something that requires the system that needs to be especially prepared for sugar.

Sugar is just 4-5 python (mostly) based core components + [99% of sugar] activities placed to ~/Activities.

For example on all systems I use sugar via sweets[1], "sweets sugar" or "sweets sugar:emulator" command call
(on regular desktop and on XOs I have). It just runs (and cook all needed deps) python and sugar on it.

[1] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Platform_Team/Guide/Core_development#Launch_sugar