Sunday, November 21, 2010

Testing New Sugar and OLPC Images.

For i time now, I've been focusing in other projects, and left some of sugar and OLPC,

After going back I've found that community is always improving and development Sugar and OLPC, together :). In my spare time i managed to test new builds on an Xo 1.5

the documentation is here:

But the fun part is to test latest builds...


The last one, refers to F14 images for all XOs, the dextrose part refers to
Sugarlabs work to bring latest Sugar to all types of XO.
The great opportunity here is to unite these efforts to launch a Dextrose version
together with OLPC, Sugar Labs, Activity Central..and other parties working on this.

Anyways these images still need a lot of testing, but there are many people out there working on it.

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