Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sugar Love

I'm beginning to spend some time working on sugar, my focus of interest is making improvements in bugs or procedures in order to have latest versions of Sugar available for deployments, Bernie Innocenti has been taking great steps in doing so all work is grouped here:


This is the Spanish translation that I've made:

Great people from Paraguay and Uruguay are merging their code work (fixing deployment issues), to upstream, this coordinated work will have tremendous impact in Sugar's future evolution and will strength the community.

I've been helping also uploading latest versions of Scratch by Jhon Maloney to our activities library.


These are concrete development goals to tackle.

0) Activities and overall Bugs

=== Sugar Critical Goals ===
1) Clear and complete error messages (even for crashes)

2) Checks to prevent installation of incompatible activities

3) Keyboard navigability of the shell and activity toolbars

4) Make activities work in Gnome without Sugar (CONTROVRSIAL)

5) Make Gnome applications work seamlessly within Sugar

6) Webkit integration

7) Faster activity startup / memory savings

8) Integration with social networks

9) Bidirectional Journal gateway for Gnome
(torello, jasg)

10) Memory management
Idea: show memory icon in the frame with free memory

11) OS: "Panic key" to restore default settings for GNOME and Sugar


Tomeu Vizoso said...

Sounds just great, congrats!

> 4) Make activities work in Gnome without Sugar (CONTROVRSIAL)

Why controversial?

> 7) Faster activity startup / memory savings

Has there been any discussion about it? Have spent quite a bit of time profiling both startup and memory usage and my conclusion has been that the first obstacle to pass are the GObject-based static bindings. Thus my recent work on PyGI.

I have failed to get other Sugar people interested on it, but if someone wanted to lend a hand, we may do it for 0.90.

walter said...

> 4) Make activities work in Gnome without Sugar

Not sure if there is a general solution to this, but I do it routinely for all of my activities but just detecting whether or not the activity was launched within Sugar or from within GNOME... I bypass the Journal in the latter case... something we can improve upon, and presumably one consequence of Tomeu's work at Collabora is more seemlessness in the collaboration stack.

Dirakx said...

Tomeu, Walter thanks for your comments, i'm truly interested in performance, but for that i have to make a study of stae of the art regarding it, about Gnome if there is not a solution we should find it, out interested developers could work on gnome and we'd gain a broader audience..if collaboration is a problem can we begin to pair our work with zeitgest f.e ?

Anonymous said...

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