Saturday, May 01, 2010

Looking for a Deployment Team

Long ago we worked on a deployment team looking to fulfil necessities of integration between deployments and development, it's a non trivial task as all related to Sugar, in the way that one have to consider not only one aspect but all aspects as learning, subtle politics, development and reach-out.

Long ago we conformed that group, but is ''really'' time consuming, and the people involved there, were not able to continue that task, furthermore, there is a need for person to person communication, not always virtuality can make progress on understanding.

Trips to different deployment sites are expensive, although necessary, because people tend to think that Sugar is auto-sustainable, some deployment folks cannot believe that core devs are in majority volunteers. The organizations and countries that are using Sugar in the field must be aware of these circumstances and in doing so support more closely SugarLabs and Local SugarLabs.

This blog is one call to get more integration and communication between different parts involved and to avoid wasting a magnificent opportunity: making a globally distributed Education Project, namely SugarLabs plus OLE plus OLPC.


Tomeu Vizoso said...

My strategy for teams that seem to have a high activation energy is to start as slow as possible.

The first step should be to establish the team foundations and then start discussing the goals and the strategies taking into account the available resources.

If rather we try from the start to do too much or to have a very strong leadership, we are likely to fail.

Dirakx said...

Ok this down to up take is of preference, we have to find persons to do it. People on -Sur might want to take the task?.