Sunday, December 27, 2009

Working with Arduino and Sugar in an XO

There are different options to connect your arduino board to Sugar (trough sugar-capable activities)

For example.

Thanks to the great work found on [ Gira]

We can download an squeak project and install it on our Sugar.
This script can help in the process.
echo "Downloading.."
echo ""
curl -o
echo "Executing.."
echo ""
cd Arduino.7/

''Note that on an XO laptop you have to tweak some your script in these or similar ways''

APP=`dirname $0`
exec "/usr/bin/squeak" \
-plugins "$EXE" \
-encoding latin1 \
-vm-display-X11 \

==Turtle Art==

The code needed is located at (Thanks to Sayamindu Dasgupta)


TODO: Link to an XO bundle.

This uses the same [ firmata] protocol that the arduino-squeak connection uses.

===Some use examples and Screenshots===


More information:


== Spanish Version ==

Please go to



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