Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Local Labs organization (I)

As intended from the beginning, SugarLabs is a distributed FLOSS organization, anyone can be part of Sugarlabs and also can found organizations that can support or share the same or similar objectives Sugarlabs is supporting.

Local Labs are organized to supply specific needings of countries where sugar is deployed,
some of them are constituted of volunteers that want to have economic support to be able to help,
in other words they need help to help others, but this organizations although motivated by charity are doing entrepreneurship models to be soustanaible and scalable, to include and not to exclude all learners (parents, teachers, students, developers and deployers).

Although the local labs effort is young we have seen a nascent interest on it, because we are looking for a more independent way of thinking and this thinking has to be applied not only to ideas but also to real life procedures; liberty generates empathy and facilitates inclusion of new supporters and cultivates ideas.

But independence doesn't mean ignoring other people's point of view, and local labs have to have a good communication between them and the overall Sugarlabs that is also composed of local labs,
in a way of saying there is not a centralized Sugarlabs, there is a central place of virtual gathering namely mail-lists, wiki's and IRC channels.

Some orgs (not necessarily FLOSS oriented) have chosen the other way around, they impose all in a centralized way.
but this is not sustainable or scalable and then they have been doing some fragmentation of it's own orgs in entities like nemeorg-LA or nameorg-India or nameorg-USA. and each one independent from the central nameorg but without an straight-trough way of communication between them, in other words, they are now adopting some of the federated way of thinking but without having the advantages of it, the future for these centralized organizations is not too bright because they are exercising the same top-down ideas in all it's fragmented partners, when they try to impose
or ''give'' a solution to different countries or third-parties, they are working ''for'' them and not ''with'' them, this generate opossing forces that act against their progress even from the start, so they have to work not only to solve the problems that it's mission implies but also these pre-existent forces, due to the fact that artificial solutions don't solve the real needs of communities because they ''interpret'' communities needs and don't work side-by-side to solve them.

The first part of this blog talks about the need for a distributed FLOSS organization, the second part would discuss it's organization specifics, what we are lacking and what we are doing well.

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