Monday, December 15, 2008

SugarLabs, Local Labs, World labs.

So we have begun a good way to distribute a FLOSS project, we share ideas with people that have been thinking on it for a while now, including Walter Bender, Sebastian Silva, Edward Cherling David Farning, Tomeu Visozo and others (all sugar labs community ;)), i think in some way the people that is working on SugarLabs (, share the same concepts about how to help in breaking status quo.

At the beginning we had questions about how to make Sugar deployments better, how to reach the broad community, because sugar it's not only aimed to developers, it's truth aim are teachers, students and parents, (iirc) David Farning proposed that the development of all SugarLabs should be oriented by teams, and thous we have deployment team.

But even more we were worried about how to facilitate the distribution and development of Sugar in the world and now we have Local Labs

Ok i want to get back to this post in another take..but for me this last link tries to achieve a worldwide, active and distributed community of practice, that being software developers, students, teachers, parents, industry, academics...entire cultures trying to work on resolving local and global issues related to enhance education.

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