Sunday, October 07, 2007

Vislumbring RPFs path

It was the last day,last day at cambridge, last day at OLPC, a little cold day, but happy and cozy inside my brain,
Some birds were beginning to go to warmer places, and me too.
For some reason this last day was magic, i went to MIT press book store, and i found a book of RPFs,
the letters he wrote in all his life. At that time i didnt know that he attended to MIT, and i was there..kind of extrange, even though i was exited to be at MIT, this new ingredient made me fell like if in some way i was beginning to do something important at last.
Then i revisited MIT feeling what one of the caractheres i admire the most felt while being there,
so know i now that im beginning to see just a glinch of RPFs path..
seeing it and then perhaps doing a parallel one, like always.

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