Friday, May 25, 2007


1) Determine the availability of Lead Acid batteries in our launch
countries. We need to know:
* What types and capacity of Lead Acid batteries are available.
* Whats the average cost (if you went to a local auto store an bought one)
* Whats the availability of Deep Cycle lead acid batteries in these

2) Learn as much about SDCC, the 8051 and the

We are going to be using this compiler for the work We are going to do
on the gang charger. We are going to replace the ENE code with open
source stuff and then integrate the existing 1-wire sensor and battery
charging code into our framework. We are able to release this battery
charge code open source.

Use the 8051 simulators that are available and write some code that
boots up an 8051 and does some stuff. Like toggle IO and stuff.

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